Lagos Airport Hotel



We have a health and fitness shop located at the swimming pool in the hotel with experts to keep you fit and forever young. Services render includes weight management, aerobics, cardio training, personal training, stretches and a host of others. We also have recreational activities that include spaces for walking, jogging and games like snooker, table tennis, swimming etc. We realize that only when you are healthy is when you can be fit to enjoy the hospitality of the hotel. There is a spa that take care of your body which include Facial Treatment, Sauna, Massaging, Body Detox, Manicure, Pedicure etc.


The Swimming pool is located between Oranmiyan Hall and Independence Block. It is serviced by a bar and barbecue. Attendants are on duty during pool hours (0900 – 1800 hours daily), but the bar opens until 2230 hours. Swimming is free for residents, but children under 13 years of age must be accompanied by adults.

The Lagos Airport Hotel swimming pool is the most standard in Lagos.


We have a casino that operates 24 hours for ultimate satisfaction of our guests.


We have adequate recreational facilities. These include ample space for jogging, snookers and table tennis. All these facilities are located within the swimming pool.