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Welcome to Lagos Airport Hotel


LAGOS AIRPORT HOTEL LIMITED is a member company of O’dua group of companies and is in fact a pace setter hotel and pan yoruba company in all ages. The hotel has 277 rooms comprising one Monarchial Suite, several Presidential Suites, Executive Suites, Business Suites, Luxury Rooms, Classic Rooms, Deluxe Rooms, Flats 1 & 2, Standard and Executive double rooms.

We are constantly advancing personalized service which makes us to see our guests and customers as integral part of our sustenance.

Guests are treated as owners and relationships are nurtured. No cosmetics in our services all is real and natural to make our guests feel desired, value and pampered.


Our Amenities

The hotel is arranged on three floors without a lift. On the ground floor, apart from the reception, there is a comfortable lounge where you can sit and drink tea.


Swimming pool


Spa & massage


Surfing lessons


Diving & snorkling


Gym & yoga


Boat tours


Conference room


Private Beach



Rooms & Suites



People Say


“We stayed here with our family and are fully satisfied with our vacation. Rooms are very modern, have all needed amenities, the kitchen is very delicious and service is just perfect. We will for sure come back.”

Kate PalmerIdaho

Our Restaurant

The buffet breakfast is served in the lounge on the ground floor and also outside on our little patio.

With our Italian dishes cooked by professional chefs you will be feeling as if you are at authentic Italian restaurant. Olive oil, vines and wheat bread are the keys of Italian kitchen.
Genuine Mexican prepared at out restaurant is delicious, fresh and vibrant. Main feature here is chilly – both dried and fresh. Also key ingredients of Mexican kitchen are beans and corn.
You can taste some extraordinary dishes which became popular in the whole world. Any sushi you want you will get at out restaurant. We have an authentic cook from Japan to meet your desires.
Indian food is known for its spiciness. The most frequently used are chilly pepper, black mustard seed, cumin, tumeric, ginger etc. We will transfer you to India via our dishes.

Welcome to our photo gallery

Photo Gallery of Our Hotel