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Our Swimming Pool; Best 4 All

With our Olympic sized & grade and very spaciously spectacular  Swimming Pool that is one of its kind in this greatest black nation on earth, Lagos Airport Hotel Limited has maintained a unique status in integrating standard, tradition and future compliance with one another.

Your Outdoor  Occasions and Events of independence nature are best organized, outstanding and at best success exploring this wonderful environment of aquatic splendour, attraction and serenity.

We Have a Palace Grade Suite

Lagos Airport Hotel in fact has put itself on the royal map with its uncommon Monarchial Suite which with no doubt the only one of its kind in this part of West Africa is the only suite known that have accommodated Presidents, First Class Monarchs and Go Together Families from mostly every part of the world.

With the luxury of a King Sized Semi Mansion with massive living room, private living rooms and several bedrooms with toilets, bathrooms, kitchen and everything just like way you have and/or would have it to your taste.

Your Occasions In Grand Style

Over the ages, we have proven so much that at Lagos Airport Hotel Limited, we give you and your guests the very best of hospitality most especially with our mouth watery delicacies of African, Intercontinental and of course of varieties that give you a feel of wanting to be back here as soon as possible whether for an occasion or just leisure.

We are at the very best; for your Cocktails, Buffet, Pepper Soup etc.. In fact our O’dua restaurants named after the yoruba people traditional essence will give you a very good taste of what we represent at hospitality in the western part of Nigeria.